Message from Lorico Media:

We at Lorico Media congratulate Magnolia Wellness on all their current success.  Being highly rated and featured on it seems nothing is stopping Magnolia Wellness from becoming the Premier Patient Dispensary in Orangevale, CA and surrounding areas.  While researching this company, we came across countless reviews on how knowledgeable the staff is, offering quality classes/services and a wide range of Top Shelf and Organic medication... We realized they are truly "The Best in the Foothills"! Choose Magnolia Wellness for the great service and quality medication you need.

Lorico Media was founded on the principles of quality, professionalism and service excellence.  Our vision is to seemlessly integrate top notch vendors into one easy to manage package for all your media needs.  We strive to work with Sound/Lighting Specialists, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Music Producers, Photographers and Videographers that are all professional specialists who are leaders in their fields of expertise.  Through this, we are able to provide our clients a quality that cannot be denied.  We work with these vendors day in and day out so we know who will be the best fit for you, your event or your business.  We stand by our vendors because we know that  you deserve and demand the best.  Our goal is to create an experience that will be remembered with a smile.  When you hire a media service company you are making a decision to put great responsibility on the shoulders of a company to create a media campaign that will be a defining moment in your life, or the life of your business.  We hold that responsibility with the highest regard and feel blessed to share that defining moment with you, your family, friends and organization.  We are honored that you have chosen Lorico Media for your media needs and we are looking forward to working with you,  Thank you.

Sincerely. Jason O. Lorico

CEO/Lead Media Consultant