Dear Potential Vendors,

Hello! Thank you for choosing Magnolia as a collective that you wish to be a supportive part of! We are constantly reviewing new samples from our members, and are happy to review yours and get back to you as soon as possible. Please don't fret if you don't get a call back immediately. It takes us time to review all of the samples that are left, and we will contact you back with a yes, no, or more information as soon as possible.

I would like to take a moment to let you know a little about how our vending process works. Before we decide to purchase anything there are two steps of review that need to be done. The first is a visual review. Our buyer will look at the sample left and decide if it would be a good addition to the medicine that we have available to our patients. If the first review goes well, we will call or email you to let you know. At that point, if we find that we would like to make your medicine available to our patients, we request a 3 gram sample of flowers, or a 1.5 gram sample of concentrates to send to Steep Hill Lab for our full testing requirements. We do not buy anything unless it passes all of our tests with Steep Hill Lab. Additionally, if no sample is left, we will not contact you back as we will have nothing to discuss(not including clones and seeds).

We pride ourselves in being the only collective to do as much testing as we do on every piece of medicine that we provide our patients with. All of our flowers are tested for GC and HPLC potency, a full terpene analysis, pesticides that may have been used, and mold/bacteria quantities. All of our concentrates are tested for GC and HPLC potency, a full terpene analysis, residual solvent analysis, and mold/bacteria quantities. If you would like to leave the required amount for testing as your first sample drop-off, you are more than welcome to in order to by-pass having to come back in with a larger sample for Lab testing, but there is a possibility that we will not end up sending it to the Lab if it does not pass the initial visual inspection.

It takes approximately one week from the day that the sample is submitted to the lab for us to get all of the test results back. If your sample passes all testing with Steep Hill Lab we will call you back to set up an appointment for review and discussion. At that point if all goes well we can purchase the medicine and make it available to our patients. At this point we are paying cash for concentrates, but are doing all flower purchases on a true consignment. This means that you will not get paid for your medicine until we sell it. I understand that this may not be feasible for some of you, so it's important to me that you know this. We are a brand new collective here in Oakland, and are hoping to not have the need to do consignment as time goes on, but at this point this is how we must operate. We are not currently accepting clones or seeds, but please feel free to leave your contact information if this is what you are interested in providing, because this is bound to change soon!

If our system does not work for you, please feel free to check us out in the future as both of our situations may change!

If you are a potential edible vendor, we will pass out samples that are left to staff of different tolerance levels to get feedback. Once we get enough feedback, we will call you back to discuss the results. One thing I would suggest when making edibles is, try to make something different then from what other people are making. We have enough cookies and brownies in stock, and competition in these items is very high. If you create something that we don't already carry, you have a much better chance of working with us.

Thank you so much for your help and understanding!

Shawn, General Manager
Magnolia Oakland
161 Adeline Street
Oakland, CA 94607