Looking for CBD?

When it comes to CBD, we've found that many of our patients ask the same question: where can I find some? It's true that CBD products are still relatively rare compared to high-THC offerings. 

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the second most prevalent cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. CBD has shown great promise across a wide variety of potential medical applications and has been used to treat conditions as diverse as cancer, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. (You should consult with a physician about how the medical benefits of cannabis can help in your particular situation.) One of the best aspects of CBD is that it is not psychoactive. In fact, high CBD cannabis products can counteract the effects of too much THC. High CBD cannabis strains are also useful for patients who want to achieve the health benefits of cannabis consumption without experiencing the typical psychoactive effects.  

High-CBD products currently available at Magnolia:

  • Flowers: Sungrown Harle-Sue
  • Concentrates: Brite Labs Mountain Temple Wax & Silver Tsunami Wax;  Guild CBD Pure Crystalline 99.9%; Dankman Suzi Q Wax
  • Edibles: High-CBD chocolate bars are available from Cali Gold and Day Dreamers brands; a wide variety of tinctures from Care By Design, Alta Botanicals, and Magnolia's house brand; chews from Cheeba Chews and Sensi Chew; Mediroons CBD macaroons; and, Whoopi & Maya's Savor CBD Raw Cacao.

The availability of these products is subject to change, but we're always well-stocked with CBD medicine. As always, you can find more information about cannabis in all its forms on Magnolia's Cannabis Basics page.