Eastbay Cannabis Community Meet-up

Magnolia Wellness is proud to host the East Bay Cannabis Communty's monthly meet-up. Our next event is Friday, March 2nd from 5pm to 8pm.  We provide music, food, and a safe inclusive environment to medicate and mingle with like-minded individuals.  Check out these pictures from our last Meet-up!

 Seniors find that our events are an excellent way to get out of the house and socialize. 

Seniors find that our events are an excellent way to get out of the house and socialize. 

 Refresh with hand crafted Kombucha "mock"-tails. 

Refresh with hand crafted Kombucha "mock"-tails. 

 Learn about cannabis and share your stories with others.

Learn about cannabis and share your stories with others.

 Medical patients are treated to complimentary dabs and volcano bags. 

Medical patients are treated to complimentary dabs and volcano bags. 

The Lounge is (soft) Open!


Magnolia welcomes you to spend some time in our lounge with our complimentary volcano vaporizors and Vape Exhale dab machines.  Buy your medicine and use our equipment to medicate in a safe and welcoming environment.  Don't know how to dab? Want to try? We can show you how to use our Vape Exhale dab machines. Keep an eye out for our Super Bowl party details will follow soon.  

Vape Exhael.jpg

Recreation Is around the corner!

Here is what will change in January:

 Who can purchase cannabis at Magnolia Wellness after January 1?

·       We are still waiting for approval to serve adults 21 years or older, but feel confident this will come in time. Stay tuned!

·       Patients 18 years or older who have a valid California doctor’s recommendation and a government issued photo I.D. may continue to purchase medicinal cannabis.


What are the advantages to remaining a medical patient?

·       Medical cannabis patients will be taxed at a lower rate than adult users. This includes an exemption from sales tax (under certain circumstances) and a lowered business license tax of 5% for medical, rather than 10% for adult users.

·       Edibles will be limited to 100mg per package for both adult and medical users, although tinctures and like products will be available in 1000mg packages for adult users and 2000mg units for medical patients.

·       Not all suppliers will have licenses to serve the adult use market, but the regulations enforcing this do not start until mid-2018.


What are these A and M licenses about?

·       An "A" license allows businesses to serve adult cannabis users.

·       An "M" license allows businesses to supply only medical marijuana users.

·       Magnolia Wellness will secure both "A” and “M" licenses, so will serve both groups.

·       Cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors have to get either “A”, “M,” or both licenses, too. After July 1, 2018, each will be limited to supplying products only to other companies with identical licenses.


How much cannabis can I purchase?

·       Prop 64 allows for up to six (6) mature cannabis plants, one (1) ounce of flower, and eight (8) grams of concentrates to be purchased each day by adult users.

·       Medical limitations are subject to the same limits, unless their doctor’s recommendation states that an individual need more medicine to meet their needs.


Can I use cannabis anywhere?

·       It is still illegal to use cannabis in public outside of designated areas. 

·       Do not medicate and drive. 

·       The best place to use cannabis is at safe at home.





Join us for a Holiday Cooking Class Saturday, Dec 9th


    Magnolia Wellness is proud to host a medicated cooking class featuring holiday inspired appetizers from 2PM until 4PM.  Pot D'Huile will be in the house teaching us how to use their medicated Extra Virgin Olive Oil sourced from farms in Northern California. They use a potent indica hybrid called Gorilla Cookies that gives a relaxing and euphoric effect perfect for holiday parties or dealing with in-laws. As always Bay Cure will be here from 10AM to 7PM offering deals on their wide selection of high quality flowers.  Take advantage of our on site consumption and vaporize your flowers in our complimentary volcano vaporizers. 

Are you a vendor or a grower who has product you need to move before the changes in January? Magnolia Wellness will be hosting an "End of Prohibition" event on December 31st. We are looking to help anyone with product they won't be able to sell in January blowout their inventory. If you are interested please contact Katie Rabinowitz at [email protected]


Magnolia's first Cannabis Farmers Market

Patients from all over the Bay came to celebrate Magnolia CEO Debby Goldsberry's birthday and enjoy a one-of-a-kind event. The weather was cool and pleasant outside, while inside The Randy Moore Trio kept folks in a mellow but upbeat mood. Flower vendors Sparkle Shoes and Sun Roots were in attendance to show off the best of indoor and outdoor buds, while edible vendors Utopia Farms, Clarified Confections and Leisure Life were on hand to sample their wares to patients. Extract and Cartridge providers Beezle, First Class Concentrates, Greenrock and Absolute Extracts were also providing patient samples in the onsite consumption areas as well as trading chip tokens for purchase in the market. The old-fashioned, blue and white clay  custom poker chips provided by ChipLab from www.chiplab.com were available in the dispensary. Each cost $5, worth the same amount in the market. They helped make our Farmers Market a success! Our next Cannabis Farmers Market will be on 420, come by and join the festivities!

Magnolia Stands with our Veterans

  Roman Araya of the Weed for Warriors Project visits Magnolia to speak with veterans. 

Roman Araya of the Weed for Warriors Project visits Magnolia to speak with veterans. 

Here at Magnolia, we understand that military veterans need our support. Vets face numerous issues upon returning home from tours of duty abroad, the most serious of which include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and a high rate of suicide. 

If you're a veteran looking to talk with other vets, or if you're just looking for help navigating the maze of services and benefits available, Magnolia is proud to announce two meetings just for you.

Tonight, Monday, August 8th, at 6:30pm, veterans are encouraged to join a Veterans Support Group with Ryan Miller of EVAC. The group is being held at the Gateway Incubator, located at 330 2nd St in Oakland. The group will meet the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month.

We are also planning a general group with Weed for Warriors where veterans can get answers to questions about everything particular to post-military life.  This group will be here at Magnolia on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month, with a time still TBD. 

Please attend the group tonight at Gateway to find out more about our veterans services and how cannabis might be right for you.

School Supplies Drive a great success

As part of National Night Out on August 2nd, Magnolia Oakland organized a school supplies drive to support children in the local community as they head back to class later this month. 

More than 60 school kids took advantage of Magnolia's giveaway, which included backpacks, folders, notebooks, pencil, crayons, and more. We even threw in an ice cream sundae bar to make sure the events wasn't just about getting ready for school — after all, summer vacation isn't over yet! 

We want to thank the local West Oakland community for turning out with your kids! Let's do it again next year, shall we?