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Here is what will change in January:

 Who can purchase cannabis at Magnolia Wellness after January 1?

·       We are still waiting for approval to serve adults 21 years or older, but feel confident this will come in time. Stay tuned!

·       Patients 18 years or older who have a valid California doctor’s recommendation and a government issued photo I.D. may continue to purchase medicinal cannabis.


What are the advantages to remaining a medical patient?

·       Medical cannabis patients will be taxed at a lower rate than adult users. This includes an exemption from sales tax (under certain circumstances) and a lowered business license tax of 5% for medical, rather than 10% for adult users.

·       Edibles will be limited to 100mg per package for both adult and medical users, although tinctures and like products will be available in 1000mg packages for adult users and 2000mg units for medical patients.

·       Not all suppliers will have licenses to serve the adult use market, but the regulations enforcing this do not start until mid-2018.


What are these A and M licenses about?

·       An "A" license allows businesses to serve adult cannabis users.

·       An "M" license allows businesses to supply only medical marijuana users.

·       Magnolia Wellness will secure both "A” and “M" licenses, so will serve both groups.

·       Cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors have to get either “A”, “M,” or both licenses, too. After July 1, 2018, each will be limited to supplying products only to other companies with identical licenses.


How much cannabis can I purchase?

·       Prop 64 allows for up to six (6) mature cannabis plants, one (1) ounce of flower, and eight (8) grams of concentrates to be purchased each day by adult users.

·       Medical limitations are subject to the same limits, unless their doctor’s recommendation states that an individual need more medicine to meet their needs.


Can I use cannabis anywhere?

·       It is still illegal to use cannabis in public outside of designated areas. 

·       Do not medicate and drive. 

·       The best place to use cannabis is at safe at home.