Magnolia's first Cannabis Farmers Market

Patients from all over the Bay came to celebrate Magnolia CEO Debby Goldsberry's birthday and enjoy a one-of-a-kind event. The weather was cool and pleasant outside, while inside The Randy Moore Trio kept folks in a mellow but upbeat mood. Flower vendors Sparkle Shoes and Sun Roots were in attendance to show off the best of indoor and outdoor buds, while edible vendors Utopia Farms, Clarified Confections and Leisure Life were on hand to sample their wares to patients. Extract and Cartridge providers Beezle, First Class Concentrates, Greenrock and Absolute Extracts were also providing patient samples in the onsite consumption areas as well as trading chip tokens for purchase in the market. The old-fashioned, blue and white clay  custom poker chips provided by ChipLab from were available in the dispensary. Each cost $5, worth the same amount in the market. They helped make our Farmers Market a success! Our next Cannabis Farmers Market will be on 420, come by and join the festivities!